Book Review by BVIC (Association of Internal Communication Manangers):

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Translation :

Book : Presentation Thinking & Design (FT Publishing), by Ed Gruwez

Reviewer : Barbara Kempeneers, communication officer, SESVanderHave


Making presentations is not always easy. How do you ensure that you create a clear structure that looks good without losing content or telling too much? How do you convince the audience?

Presentation Thinking & Design is a useful step-by-step book that is shows how to build a good presentation in four stages :

  • Thinking (who is my audience, what is the purpose, what’s the setting);
  • Logic (capture content, lead writing, bring structure);
  • Story (Find handles, choose, sketch story);
  • and the media (create slides, add necessary documentation, prepare your performance).

Gruwez uses very concrete examples (ever heard about a slide graveyard?) throughout the book. No doubt you already encountered some during the process of making presentations. This book will not find it’s place on my bookshelf, It will remains within reach on my desk!

Why read?

To the point presenting is not just a book, it is a comprehensive guide with different entry points depending on the help you are looking for. It reads easily, uses concrete examples and gives references for more inspiration. And who saw Ed Gruwez in a live presentation, knows that this book simply guarantees success.

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