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Phone or email

Phone or Email? How to have most impact Will I have more impact by phone or eMail? We often face the "phone or email" dilemma and we should consciously chose between one or the other. Many advocate that it's better to call rather than send an eMail. But is that really...

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How to prepare an impactful business presentation?

This article describes the TLSM framework for a concise and impactful business presentation.  Starting in PowerPoint is the worst you can do.  How do we all prepare a business presentation? We look for slides we already have, then start adding slides, reshuffling and...

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The TLSM model for efficient and effective presentations

The TLSM model is a practical method to prepare business presentations or other business communication. The method has been proven to lead to more concise and impactful presentations that take less time to prepare. This article is a short introduction to the model and...

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Book: Presentation Thinking & Design

English Presentation Thinking & Design. Design better presentations, Quicker. This book provides a practical step-by-step approach for developing successful business presentations, based on the insights of leading experts combined with the experience of hundreds of...

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Managers can learn from the Harry-Potter-Girl

Lessons from Emma Watson’s he-for-she speech at the UN. What a memorable speech! Emma Watson was clearly nervous, fragile, slightly scared even. The acclaimed 'Harry-Potter-Girl', as she calls herself, isn't free from stage fright. So why should you be? But what a...

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4 Phase approach to design presentations

These are the phases of the '4 phase design method'. Whenever you are preparing a presentation, you need to run through these four phases, one after the other. And you have to do so in precisely that order. Many people make the mistake of trying to do all four things...

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