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In a world of fast change and information overload we need focus, clarity and speed.


Our cognitive methods simplify communication, presentations and decisions.


Learn our methods in a training, use our advice, or let us do the work for you.

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However skilled you think you are, I guarantee that this will help you to become a better presenter.

Julian Birkinshaw

Professor Strategy & Deputy Dean, London Business School


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VUCA world – quick summary

VUCA world – quick summary

VUCA world a quick summary   VUCA world - a quick summary by Edouard Gruwez - September 2017 VUCA is a popular acronym to describe today’s business environment. Everyone should at least know what it means. This article gives a concise overview. Why VUCA? We live...

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Phone or email

Phone or email

Phone or Email? How to have most impact Will I have more impact by phone or eMail? We often face the "phone or email" dilemma and we should consciously chose between one or the other. Many advocate that it's better to call rather than send an eMail. But is that really...

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